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High graphitic carbon derived from coconut coir waste by promoting potassium hydroxide in the catalytic graphitization process for lithium-ion battery anodes
F Destyorini, WC Amalia, Y Irmawati, A Hardiansyah, S Priyono, F Aulia, ...
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Electrochemical performanceof LiMn2O4 with varying thickness of cathode sheet
S Priyono, S Hardiyani, N Syarif, A Subhan, A Suhandi
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Studi Pemanfaatan Feses (Kotoran Manusia) sebagai Bahan Baku Alternatif Energi Terbarukan
EY Febrianto, S Priyono
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Electrochemical performance of low concentration Al doped-lithium titanate anode synthesized via sol-gel for lithium ion capacitor applications
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Study on electrochemical performance of carbon-coated LiFePO4 as cathode material for lithium ion batteries
J Triwibowo, S Priyono, I Purawiardi, T Lestariningsih, CR Ratri
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The effect of 0.025 Al-doped in Li4Ti5O12 material on the performance of half cell lithium ion battery
S Priyono, J Triwibowo, B Prihandoko
AIP conference proceedings 1711 (1), 2016
Synthesis and characterization of Al-doped Li4Ti5O12 with sol gel method for anode material lithium ion battery
I Nuroniah, S Priyono, A Subhan, B Prihandoko, A Suhandi, A Sohib
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Synthesis of lithium mangan dioxide (LiMn2O4) for lithium-ion battery cathode from various lithium sources
S Priyono, NR Ginting, S Humaidi, A Subhan, B Prihandoko
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The effect of reduced graphene oxide on the activated carbon metal oxide supercapacitor
M Doloksaribu, B Prihandoko, S Priyono, A Subhan, T Lestariningsih
Materials Today: Proceedings 13, 181-186, 2019
Nanocellulose based polymer composite for acoustical materials
M Farid, A Purniawan, D Susanti, S Priyono, H Ardhyananta, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1945 (1), 2018
Pembuatan Anoda Li4ti5o12 dan Studi Pengaruh Ketebalan Elektroda terhadap Performa Elektrokimia Baterai Ion Lithium
S Priyono, MA Dhika, K Sebayang, A Subhan, B Prihandoko
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Heating Effect on Manufacturing Li4Ti5O12 Electrode Sheet with PTFE Binder on Battery Cell Performance
S Priyono, BM Lubis, S Humaidi, B Prihandoko
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Variation of Carbon Coating on Li2Na2Ti6O14 as Anode Material of Lithium Battery
B Prihandoko, S Priyono, A Subhan, A Mulya
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Effect of polymer binders on the electrochemical Performance of Al-doped lithium titanate electrode
S Priyono, TD Sari, A Subhan, B Prihandoko
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1282 (1), 012056, 2019
The effect of Li2CO3 substitution on synthesis of LiBOB compounds as salt of electrolyte battery lithium ion
T Lestariningsih, EM Wigayati, Q Sabrina, B Prihandoko, S Priyono
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Pemurnian serbuk zirkonia dari zircon
S Priyono, EY Febrianto
Telaah Jurnal Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi 30 (1), 1-6, 2012
The effect of LiBOB addition on solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) production based PVDF-HFP/TiO2/LiTFSI on ionic conductivity for Lithium-ion battery applications
T Lestariningsih, Q Sabrina, CR Ratri, A Subhan, S Priyono
J. Kim. Sains dan Apl 25 (1), 13-19, 2022
Effect of coating thickness of Al-doped Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) on the electrochemical performance of half cell battery
S Priyono, GF Marpaung, TR Simbolon, A Subhan
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 817 (1), 012016, 2017
High capacitance performance of hierarchically SiO2 self-doped porous activated carbon derived from palm empty fruit bunches
RT Yulianti, F Destyorini, Y Irmawati, S Priyono, MH Fauzi, AA Umar, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 71, 108153, 2023
Synthesized of Li4Ti5O12 materials via sol-gel method to lithium ion battery anodes
AI Najihah, S Priyono, ZAI Supardi, A Subhan, B Prihandoko
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1491 (1), 012038, 2020
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