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Pre‐Lithiation of Silicon Anodes by Thermal Evaporation of Lithium for Boosting the Energy Density of Lithium Ion Cells
E Adhitama, F Dias Brandao, I Dienwiebel, MM Bela, A Javed, L Haneke, ...
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Wireless water flow monitoring based on Android smartphone
A Jamaluddin, D Harjunowibowo, DT Rahardjo, E Adhitama, S Hadi
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Fluorinated graphene as a dual-functional anode to achieve dendrite-free and high-performance lithium metal batteries
A Jamaluddin, YY Sin, E Adhitama, A Prayogi, YT Wu, JK Chang, CY Su
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Opportunities and Challenges of Li2C4O4 as Pre‐Lithiation Additive for the Positive Electrode in NMC622|| Silicon/Graphite Lithium Ion Cells
A Gomez‐Martin, MM Gnutzmann, E Adhitama, L Frankenstein, ...
Advanced Science, 2201742, 2022
Revealing the Role, Mechanism, and Impact of AlF3 Coatings on the Interphase of Silicon Thin Film Anodes
E Adhitama, S van Wickeren, K Neuhaus, L Frankenstein, F Demelash, ...
Advanced Energy Materials, 2201859, 2022
On the Practical Applicability of the Li Metal‐Based Thermal Evaporation Prelithiation Technique on Si Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
E Adhitama, MM Bela, F Demelash, MC Stan, M Winter, A Gomez‐Martin, ...
Advanced Energy Materials, 2203256, 2022
The development of a web-based assessment system to identify students’ misconception automatically on linear kinematics with a four-tier instrument test
P Pujayanto, R Budiharti, E Adhitama, NRA Nuraini, HV Putri
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Assessment of LiFePO4 battery performance in stand alone photovoltaic street light system
A Jamaluddin, A Nur‘Aini, E Adhitama, A Purwanto
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High-voltage lithium-metal battery with three-dimensional mesoporous carbon anode host and ether/carbonate binary electrolyte
E Adhitama, PC Rath, A Prayogi, J Patra, TC Lee, J Li, JK Chang
Carbon 184, 752-763, 2021
Copper-Graphene Composite: Electrochemical Synthesis and Structural Characterization
D Ni’maturrohmah, D Maharani, O Ruzicka, UH Gitasari, E Adhitama, ...
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Developing Four Tier Misconception Diagnostic Test About Kinematics
P Pujayanto, R Budiharti, Y Radiyono, NRA Nuraini, HV Putri, DE Saputro, ...
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On the direct correlation between the copper current collector surface area and ‘dead Li’formation in zero-excess Li metal batteries
E Adhitama, AD Refino, T Brake, J Pleie, C Schmidt, F Demelash, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (14), 7724-7734, 2023
Impact of exposing lithium metal to monocrystalline vertical silicon nanowires for lithium-ion microbatteries
AD Refino, E Adhitama, MM Bela, S Sadhujan, S Harilal, C Eldona, ...
Communications Materials 4 (1), 58, 2023
A novel real-time data acquisition using an Excel spreadsheet in pendulum experiment tool with light-based timer
E Adhitama, A Fauzi
Physics Education 53 (3), 035002, 2018
Advances in 3D silicon-based lithium-ion microbatteries
AD Refino, C Eldona, RFH Hernandha, E Adhitama, A Sumboja, E Peiner, ...
Communications Materials 5 (1), 22, 2024
Insights in utilizing NiCo2O4/Co3O4 nanowires as anode material in Li‐ion batteries
A Tomar, E Adhitama, M Winter, T Placke, AK Rai
Batteries & Supercaps, 2022
Laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry for the analysis of interphases in lithium ion batteries
V Göldner, L Quach, E Adhitama, A Behrens, L Junk, M Winter, T Placke, ...
Iscience 26 (9), 107517, 2023
Cover Picture: Interphase design of LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 as positive active material for lithium ion batteries via Al2O3 coatings using magnetron sputtering …
A Javed, A Makvandi, F Demelash, E Adhitama, B Heidrich, ...
Batteries & Supercaps 7 (6), e202480601, 2024
Fluoroethylene Carbonate: Bis (2, 2, 2,) Trifluoroethyl Carbonate as High Performance Electrolyte Solvent Blend for High Voltage Application in NMC811|| Silicon Oxide‐Graphite …
F Demelash, A Gomez‐Martin, B Heidrich, E Adhitama, P Harte, A Javed, ...
Small Structures, 2400063, 2024
Assessing Key Issues Contributing to the Degradation of NCM‐622|| Cu Cells: Competition Between Transition Metal Dissolution and “Dead Li” Formation
E Adhitama, F Demelash, T Brake, A Arifiadi, M Vahnstiege, A Javed, ...
Advanced Energy Materials, 2303468, 2024
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