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3D micro-porous conducting carbon beehive by single step polymer carbonization for high performance supercapacitors: the magic of in situ porogen formation
D Puthusseri, V Aravindan, S Madhavi, S Ogale
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MOF-derived crumpled-sheet-assembled perforated carbon cuboids as highly effective cathode active materials for ultra-high energy density Li-ion hybrid electrochemical …
A Banerjee, KK Upadhyay, D Puthusseri, V Aravindan, S Madhavi, ...
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High and reversible lithium ion storage in self‐exfoliated triazole‐triformyl phloroglucinol‐based covalent organic nanosheets
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Improving the energy density of Li-ion capacitors using polymer-derived porous carbons as cathode
D Puthusseri, V Aravindan, S Madhavi, S Ogale
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From waste paper basket to solid state and Li‐HEC ultracapacitor electrodes: a value added journey for shredded office paper
D Puthusseri, V Aravindan, B Anothumakkool, S Kurungot, S Madhavi, ...
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Conversion-type anode materials for alkali-ion batteries: State of the art and possible research directions
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Nutty carbon: morphology replicating hard carbon from walnut shell for Na ion battery anode
M Wahid, Y Gawli, D Puthusseri, A Kumar, MV Shelke, S Ogale
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Synthesis of an efficient heteroatom-doped carbon electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction by pyrolysis of protein-rich pulse flour cooked with SiO 2 nanoparticles
R Gokhale, SM Unni, D Puthusseri, S Kurungot, S Ogale
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Probing the thermal safety of Li metal batteries
D Puthusseri, M Parmananda, PP Mukherjee, VG Pol
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 167 (12), 120513, 2020
Hausmannite manganese oxide cathodes for supercapacitors: surface wettability and electrochemical properties
S Kulkarni, D Puthusseri, S Thakur, A Banpurkar, S Patil
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High capacity, power density and cycling stability of silicon Li-ion battery anodes with a few layer black phosphorus additive
K Roy, M Wahid, D Puthusseri, A Patrike, S Muduli, R Vaidhyanathan, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 3 (1), 245-250, 2019
All-solid-state Li-metal batteries: role of blending PTFE with PEO and LiTFSI salt as a composite electrolyte with enhanced thermal stability
DA Jokhakar, D Puthusseri, P Manikandan, Z Li, J Moon, HJ Weng, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4 (5), 2229-2235, 2020
F-Doped carbon nano-onion films as scaffold for highly efficient and stable Li metal anodes: a novel laser direct-write process
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High surface area porous carbon for ultracapacitor application by pyrolysis of polystyrene containing pendant carboxylic acid groups prepared via click chemistry
S Chhatre, V Aravindan, D Puthusseri, A Banerjee, S Madhavi, ...
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Recent advances in understanding the formation and mitigation of dendrites in lithium metal batteries
D Puthusseri, M Wahid, S Ogale
Energy & Fuels 35 (11), 9187-9208, 2021
High Na+ Mobility in rGO Wrapped High Aspect Ratio 1D SbSe Nano Structure Renders Better Electrochemical Na+ Battery Performance
M Patel, H Haroon, A Kumar, J Ahmad, GA Bhat, S Lone, D Putthusseri, ...
ChemPhysChem 21 (8), 814-820, 2020
Layered NaxCoO2-based cathodes for advanced Na-ion batteries: review on challenges and advancements
VRR Boddu, D Puthusseri, PM Shirage, P Mathur, VG Pol
Ionics, 1-24, 2021
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